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Review: Efdemin – Naïf

Efdemin’s newest project, Naïf, is a 29-track continuous mix, coming out through Curle Recordings that contains ten unreleased solo tracks and collaborations. They’re mixed with 19 unreleased tunes from other artists, including Margaret Dygas, Tobias., Marco Shuttle, Jeroen Search, Steve Bicknell, Gunnar Haslam and Cassegrain. Don’t sleep on this!

Review: Efdemin – Naïf

Efdemin – Naïf The so-called “Berlin sound” can mean a few different things. For some, it refers to the bouncing tech house and melancholic vocals associated with clubs like Bar 25 and Watergate. For others, it’s the pulverising techno DJs like Kobosil and Boris play on Sunday evenings at Berghain….

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