Liaison Artists

Liaison Artists

A full-service independent booking agency based in San Francisco.

At Liaison Artists, we pride ourselves on representing cutting-edge international talent in electronic music with a personalized touch.

Our dynamic, tight-knit team is dedicated to guiding our roster to realize their professional and creative potential. Since the agency was founded in 2004, we’ve mastered the skill set necessary to build an act from the ground up, and established an international network of venue, promoter, and press contacts who consistently support our artists’ creative vision.

We specialize in placing our artists in the heart of the flourishing music scenes in North and South America, but our reach is far beyond.

Our team

Andrew Kelsey


Mariesa Stevens


Mary Croghan


Bryan Trotter, CPA


Cara Daley

Booking Agent (NYC Based)

Emma Hoser

Booking Agent (NYC Based)

Giacomo Conti

Booking Agent (MEX Based)

Jon Sax

Booking Agent

Meryl Luzzi

Booking Agent (NYC Based)

Ryan Smith

Booking Agent (NYC Based)

Katharine Gardias

Booking Coordinator

Marlena Holland

Booking Coordinator

Teeyam Moussavi

Booking Coordinator (NYC based)

Azul Sanchez-Macias

Logistics Coordinator

Bella Imbergamo

Logistics Coordinator (NYC based)

Leah Ford

Logistics Coordinator

Melissa Calarco

Logistics Coordinator (NYC based)

Tyler Friedman

Contracts Administrator

San Francisco Office

2343 3rd Street Suite 299
San Francisco, CA 94107

New York Office

42 West Street
Brooklyn, NY 11222