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Somewhere in the deep blue Caribbean Sea, between reality and illusion, lies an island – X-Coast.

Serbian-born, Brooklyn-based musician, Bojan Cizmic has been chosen by the island as its vesselon Earth and is known for referencing multiple genres in his productions. His smash debut,‘Mango Bay’, named after the EP’s most successful single, plays with nostalgic sounds of 90’srave culture and has garnered millions of plays on streaming platforms. X-Coast’s productions,along with his ability to effortlessly drift through different genres and musical styles, haveearned the artist a ravenous reputation on the internet and beyond. Tours quickly followedacross Europe, Asia, Australia and North America, where he cut his teeth behind the decks atsome iconic venues and festivals (Igloofest, EXIT Festival, Printworks, INTERCELL, KnockdownCenter, World Headquarters, Stealth, Macadam and Bassiani, to name a few). Carelesslyflowing through techno, drum & bass and house with a unique twist; this led to releases onSteel City Dance Discs, Mama Told Ya, Unknown To The Unknown, Lost Palms, Big Beat, HotHaus and the founding of his very own Riviera Records.

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