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Roza Terenzi

Roza Terenzi is a manifestation of femme-forward rhythmic energy, spreading a concoction of sublime mind dance, irreverent sapphic mischief, & vivacious cybernetics throughout the universe.

Since emerging from her birthplace in the Australian underground, she’s helped to usher in a fantastically playful innovation to dancefloors worldwide through her uniquely enamoring recklessness, irresistibly unruly kinetic frequencies, & a stylishly frenetic visual aesthetic. Combining rave sonics across style & era with relentlessly naughty finesse & a bewitching effervescence true to her sound, her DJing embodies a vibrant synergy between arcane feminine exuberance, lush atmospheres, & nefariously trippy grooves – at once deeply transcendent, yet confident, chaotic, and fun loving at its core.

Now based in Berlin, her vibrations on the decks are beloved worldwide – whether it’s through landmark festival slots at Dekmantel, Sonar, & Sustain Release, or blazing rave sets at celebrated party spots like Panorama Bar, Bassiani, De School, and likely your favorite club somewhere in the mix.

As a producer, her music flirts with similarly enticing unknowns – zooming through spheres of her own elegant velocity, dissolving constraints of time & dimension as she fuses enchanted realms of spellbinding breakbeat science, introspective futch electronica, & devilishly tranced out enchantress anthems. Throughout beloved solo EPs on Kalahari Oyster Cult, Butter Sessions, & Maricas, & her full length “Modern Bliss” LP on Planet Euphorique, she demonstrates an effortlessly eclectic refusal to be confined to any one genre or tempo – blowing convention a kiss goodbye as she ultimately lets her audacious spirit shine through in all that she creates. Her fiercely universal approach also extends into a deep love of collaboration essential to her practice, exemplified through EPs as B’Zircon with Fantastic Man, Current Obsession with Furious Frank, & the much acclaimed “Edge of Innocence” full length LP with D. Tiffany on Delicate Records.

Always keen to share the resonance of her inner world, she is presently curating her “StepBall Chain” imprint as an inventive repository for her productions with a cadre of likeminded freaks & friends – est. in 2020, & only set to expand in sound & vision as it continues to unite chillers, ravers, & lovers everywhere. Simultaneously a daringly original voice in our present day hellscape while also indulging the heavenly potential of rave music’s heyday, she refuses to engage with nostalgic ideas of euphoria – instead focusing on the energy of music across eras that dares to imagine amore magical present & future for us all.

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