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San Diego born & raised native, music lover of all genres, it wasn’t until 2007 when he was introduced to electronic music from his older brother, Mikey Lion. After finding his true roots in the Electro, House, & Techno scene, he began attending every rave, festival, & desert party in the middle of no where possible. Just a few short years later,  it was inevitable that he quickly picked up DJing himself & begin throwing his own parties along with his older brother & long time friend/partner from Elementary School, Marbs. After success in building the quickly growing scene in Southern California, the crew along with Lee Reynolds from the Moonshake formed Desert Hearts in 2012. What began as a small renegade party out in the Mojave Desert has grown into a 6,000 person festival solely based on one stage, one vibe, house, techno, community, love, and self expression Raising a platform  to everyone to rise & shine together, with an emphasize of leading a new path with upcoming DJ’s/Producer’s around the globe, along with platform for all artists/producers on the two labels- Desert Hearts Records. With now a decade of celebrating 10 years of DH, together the collective has toured all over the world including North America, South America, Europe & SE Asia etc. With his own unique sound & known for playing marathon sets has shaped the artist who he is today by crossing multiple genres & rinsing special edits & tunes from friends.

Festivals & Events-

Area 15, Avant Gardner/ Brooklyn Mirage, BPM Festival, Burning Man, City Hearts, Coachella, Crosstown Rebels- Get Lost, Desert Hearts Festival, Dirtybird Campout, EDC, Electric Forest, Elements, Elrow, Envision, Holy Ship!, Lightning In A Bottle, Oregon Eclipse, Piknic Électronik, Space Miami, Sublevel, Symbiosis, Sysiphis Berlin, Ubbi Dubbi

Upcoming 2022 Gigs- Shambala & North America Summer Tour

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