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Life on Planets is the story of a seeker: singer/songwriter Phill Celeste. He beganmaking tracks in the warehouses of the underground Baltimore scene, spreadingmessages from the stars through the airwaves, courtesy of Wolf + Lamb, Soul Clap,Double Standard, Sub Urban Records and Crew Love. From the streets of Baltimore tostages on Caribbean islands, dark cavernous clubs, cities draped in night andbeachside festivals drenched in golden rays; his eclectic sound has been influenced byartists, tribes, and dancers in every arena. Combining sultry lyrics with passion filledguitar licks and thumping beats: Life on Planets melds r&b, bossa nova, reggae andhouse to weave surreal tales of wonder for every dancefloor. Whether joined live by guests such as DJ/drummer Mateyo or holding it down solo, join Life on Planet’s quest for the perfect vibration as he chases sonic alchemy.

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