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Kim Ann Foxman

Hawaii-born, San Francisco-seasoned, and NYC-based musician Kim Ann Foxman has always been a capital-R Raver. The label owner, singer, and queer-musical-icon got her start as a high schooler blending fruit smoothies at an all-ages club while acts like Deee-Lite performed on the stage behind her. In 1995, when Kim moved from the island of Oahu to San Francisco, she spent her weekends chasing down map points to dance under the stars and warehouses of Funky Tekno Tribe and Bassex parties. The look and sound of raving have transformed many times over in the three decades since, but so too has Kim evolved; as a solo artist releasing records via her Firehouse & self:timer labels or as a vocalist for her club hits (“Creature”) and as a singer on the first two Hercules & Love Affair LPs.

Regardless of the space and time, whether she is performing at nightclubs (Berghain, Bassiani, DC-10), or festivals (Honcho, Pitch Arts, Sónar), rest assured that one of Kim’s time-tested rave anthems will be in her DJ-bag. Rinsing a 30-year-old anthem is one of the many ways KAF has alchemized and honored that hard-to-describe feeling of the records she produces and plays, the groovy timeless sound of the rave. A sound that has captured the hearts of artists like Robyn, Erasure, and the XX or fashion brands like Gucci and Alexander McQueen. Her latest project, “Pleasure Planet” finds her in band mode again with an incoming LP.

Pleasure Planet continues Kim’s careerlong foray into capturing the psychedelic, communal, and intentional feeling of her roots as a and basshead. Kim’s commitment to craft, subtlety, and good vibes has rewarded her with a fanbase that feels more like a crew. Together they hold the giant folding map navigating to where this trippy music will take them next.

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