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Kim Ann Foxman, is a New York based artist, DJ and producer that continues to flourish by staying true to what she believes in. Between her dynamic DJ sets, productions and her latest band project, Pleasure Planet, ‘KAF’ has become a prominent and influential perspective in dance music.

Hawaii born and raised, Kim Ann moved to San Francisco during the golden era of mid 90’s rave scene, where she started collecting records, making mix tapes and getting her first drum machine, synth, and sampler. Moving to New York in the early 2000s, she became a staple DJ during a halcyon time in the Cities club scene, before teaming up with Hercules & Love Affair as vocalist for their first two highly acclaimed albums, that saw them become becons and stars for the club worlds ever-shifting identity, going on to undertake multiple world tours, before eventually breaking away to follow her own adventures once more.

Returning to her clubbing roots, KAF stepped from band to international touring DJ with aplomb. Utilizing all her music experience she is known for creating long dance floor journeys with a special psychedelic twist, playing to clubs and festivals around the globe, from her hometown residency at Brooklyn’s Good Room to her regular appearances at Berlin’s Panorama Bar, she’s become an icon to many, encompassing art, music and fashion, all with a touch of humour and twinkle in her eye, so often missing in today’s social media constraints.

Forever growing as a now solo producer, she has released a stream of releases, finding homes around the globe from Dark Entries to [Emotional] Especial, Public Release to The Vinyl Factory, as well as on her own Firehouse & SELF:TIMER, labels. Here you can find her latest band project, Pleasure Planet, while a busy schedule has also seen remixes for the likes of pop legends, Erasure, the hugely acclaimed XX, Greek electronic artist Lena Platanos and many more.

Kim Ann Foxman is proving to be what Ransome Note called “one of the most influential women in dance music in this day and age”. Stay tuned for more music from Kim Ann Foxman and Pleasure Planet 🙂

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