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There’s a patient consistency at the heart of Alexander Berg’s work as Dorisburg. The Swedish producer has made ten EPs and one album over the past six years, and put simply, each one is something to be proud of. His catalog, which encompasses both dreamy, melancholic melody and hypnotic drum tracks, maintains a quality and singularity of personality both on record and in the live setting, performance being a deep focus for Berg with his solo project. His debut album, Irrbloss, and EPs for Northern Electronics, Aniara Recordings and Bossmusik, display dizzying sonic range. While he shifts through stylistic lanes with ease, all of his tracks are anchored by a lush atmosphere that adds an otherworldly magic to even his toughest beats.

Berg creates this same enveloping feel in his masterful live shows. This is where the countless hours in the studio, the trove of tracks that have not yet or simply won’t be released, serve a transportative purpose. Along with a trove of unheard material, Berg delivers faithful versions of back catalog classics, but leaves room for improvisation, often crafting remixed versions and sampling himself on-the-fly. Just as Irrblosssummarized Berg’s interests to date, each night with his live show, he shows what he’s learned on his journey, in adroit command of his hardware rig.

Having finally settled in Stockholm more or less permanently, he benefits not only from a stable studio setup that allows him to burrow deeper on a daily basis, but a vital local scene that encourages risk-taking and exploration. Berg’s approach, devoting himself to music in every moment of his spare time, focusing on live sets and acting as an active member of a growing local scene, evidences a producer who’s in it for the long haul.

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