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Cole Knight has just played her first Coachella—a sure-fire marker that she’s an artist on therise. Having recently made her mark playing shows around LA as well as in Tulum, where shesaw out the pandemic. Cole Knight has been on a journey of self-discovery, and she’s findingherself on the dance floor.

Knight grew up in a small rural town about three hours south of Chicago, in a household wheremusic almost never played. Despite this, she was drawn to music anyway, clamouring to useiTunes whenever she could and making mix CDs for her friends. Besides a brief stint learningpiano and a longer, more dedicated stint learning guitar, Knight’s exposure to music up untilleaving high school was minimal.

After school, Knight studied computer sciences at Michigan State University, where she rancross country and track for the college team. In her junior year Knight decided to put herstudies on hold to travel around Europe on modelling assignments, taking time to dive into theculture and music in cities like London, Milan and Paris. During this time, Knight downloadedRekordbox and started experimenting with DJing whenever she had free time.

When Knight returned to school to finish her studies, she began picking up DJ gigs in the barsaround campus. Upon graduating she set her sights on Los Angeles. After initially feelingintimidated by the scene there, she slowly made more connections by sending her mixes out topromoters, and gradually started picking up gigs at warehouse parties, after hours events andeven soundtracking yoga classes.

In the time since, Knight has been honing her craft and defining her sound—deep, groovinghouse, hypnotic rhythms, atmospheric synths, trippy textures and the occasional catchy vocal orclassic dance tune thrown in. To date she has shared a bill with the likes of Diplo and DJ Tennisin Las Vegas, Damian Lazurus and Swedish House Mafia at a Coachella after party and warmingup for Black Coffee at Zamna in Tulum.

As Knight looks forward into the rest of 2022 and beyond, she’s allowing her intricateunderstanding of sound and her experience behind the decks to inform her first foray intoproduction. “I want to put my flavour into the world,” she says. “It’s going to be a reflection ofme, the places I travel to and the experiences I have with the people I meet. It’s going to begroovy, that’s for sure.”

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