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Chris Liebing

Chris Liebing’s name is known as a stamp of quality on any project he undertakes, from record labels and radio shows, to DJ performances and studio work.

Growing up in the German town of Giessen, Liebing’s journey has taken him from a passion for early electronic music to opening a nightclub (“Spinclub”), working in the Eye Q record store and an acclaimed, lasting career in techno. Dedicating himself to a life of creating and sharing music, Liebing has pioneered the European techno scene whilst always staying true to himself.

His DJ sets have forever been fast-paced and immersive, physical workouts, though in more recent years they have tended towards a deeper, hybrid approach of layering multiple recordings into something uniquely his. The track selection draws from an encyclopedic knowledge of the techno genre and its history; he interacts with the crowd, intermittently smiling and retreating deep into concentration. An extensive collaboration with DJ software developer Native Instruments has provided Chris tailor-made, DJ technology for himself, and his expertise has provided the same for DJs around the world. As well as club and festival performances, Chris has a weekly radio show called AM/FM; like his involvement in the NovaMute label, it’s one of many ways he stays ahead of the curve with new music.

Liebing’s most recent album ‘Burn Slow’ was released in 2018 on legendary label Mute. After years spent directing the feelings of those on the dancefloor, ‘Burn Slow’ was time for Liebing to express more clearly his own feelings. “I’ve wanted to do something like Burn Slow all my life,” he said about the album. A melodic, psychedelic direction that indulged his early influences; an electronic epic, the start of a new chapter. Featuring vocal contributions from Gary Numan amongst others, the album blended a home-listening approach with slower beats and philosophical themes to create a landmark release for Liebing. His lauded remixes for Depeche Mode and Goldfrapp stemmed from the same creative thinking, a singular blurring of the lines between electronic and alternative music.

A friendly professional, family man, champion of a healthy lifestyle and fiercely talented artist, it’s easy to see why Liebing remains so popular and at the forefront of the techno scene. Time goes by, trends change, but quality, innovation and consistency remain; a philosophy Liebing’s career is built upon.

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