Liaison Artists

DJ Carlita, the dreamy sounds of the Turkish artist which evoke emotions of the known and memories of theunknown. The classically trained musician, who is often found playing the cello and whose guitar skills havedeveloped from an early age, draws influences from rock and roll, psychedelic music, indie and acid rock.Growing up under the influence of Led Zeppelin, Depeche Mode and Yo-Yo Ma; these soundscapes can be feltby anyone who’s experienced her long musical journeys.Known for the unexpected, DJ Carlita’s sets are characterized as emotional expeditions which aim to take youthrough musical journeys filled with spontaneous selections conceived through the dance floor and for thedance floor.DJ Carlita has fast-conquered some of the most influential dance floors around the world, highlighting one ofher most iconic musical scapes, her Garbicz set in which she found herself within herself. Her melancholicbigger than life sounds bounce from indie to disco to minimal and much in between Brazilian grooves to Latinvocals. One can say her musical sensitivity has a deeper meaning given she’s synesthetic.She has kept herself busy with musical, visual and fashion projects which soon will see the daylight. Herclassically trained approach to electronic music, brings a uniqueness to her sound much felt through theequalization of the harmonies in her productions.

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