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The art of blending, mixing, compiling, and making music into something you’ve never heard before whilst looking for new ways to approach house music. That’s what ANOTR stands for. Characterized by their hypnotic, energetic, and slick beats with influences from disco, soul, funk, jazz, and everything in between, their music is a blend between the old and the new, whilst finding the sweet spot between what is made for clubs and what is made for live performances. The Amsterdam-based pair believe that the way to move forward is to follow what is right for you as an artist, instead of following what is right in public opinion. Expect the unexpected. Feel inspired by what you already know about music but be open to learning even more. ANOTR will guide you through their way of thinking, interpreting music, and their way of challenging you to hear what else is possible. Act before you think, forget the rules, and let us take you on our journey into sounds selected, curated, and created by ANOTR.

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