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A studio-head in the true sense of the word, YokoO’s last 20 years have seen him master house music in all its deepest forms. With a prolific and impressive discography, YokoOhas made his mark on noteworthy labels to date with original releases and a back catalogue of strong remixes.

He’s turned the heads of many a label boss from Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Matthew Dekay, Lee Burridge, MANDY, as well as racked up plays from a broad spectrum of industry reference artists. YokoO’s music has proven time and time again it can reach the record bags of the DJing elite in every continent.

His most recent notable projects Pachamama and Euneirophrenia anticipated the evolution behind the January ’21 release of his latest EP Jivanmuktih on CrosstownRebels’ offshoot Rebellion. 2021 marks for YokoO the re-birth into a significant new chapter of his career as a producer, with a matured musical intuition charged with seductive blends of eclectic, deep, minimal, and hypnotic house grooves.

Like a mantra vibrating beat by beat, his music abides only to his deepest meditative intuition and revolves around the creation of unbound free-flowing states of creativity echoing in stillness a deep connection to nature where every subtle detail counts for rich in artistic expression and depth.

“I am committed to the Truth”. With these words, DJ YokoO explains how he draws inspiration from his Yoga practice and the Yamas as he prepares for the launch of his new label SATYA, a project that signifies the maturing into a state of unbridled surrender to the craft. With SATYA, he intends to support and represent artists who embrace creativity as a non-compromising act devoid of any expectation.

His constant evolution as a human being plays hand in hand with the authenticity of his creative process, committed to releasing unpredictable sounds that never fail to communicate, connect and move.

Between gigs, you’ll find YokoO producing in his home-build studio in Lisbon or saluting the sun somewhere in Mexico.

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