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Marea Stamper has experienced another phenomenal year as The Black Madonna. She joined dance music heavyweights Dixon, Tale Of Us, and Solomun in the new Grand Theft Auto update with her own We Believe station which includes unreleased music from herself & others.  Her We Still Believe parties have continued to amass followers internationally with a sold-out block party in London, all-night-long shows in Europe, and hosting stages at numerous festivals around the globe. Her inimitable energy, infectious joy and ability to connect with the room continues to cement her reputation as one of the most sought after DJs in the world.

The Black Madonna has used her grit and talent to propel herself into a world that not long ago would have rejected someone outside of its conventions. Marea continues to support more marginalized voices represented in the electronic music scene, unafraid to vocalize her political and social views, ultimately working to help diversify the community.  Her We Still Believe events are celebratory, inclusive spaces in which various genres of electronic music are acknowledged, with performers & fans all part of a truly engaging and welcoming event.

Marea Stamper is an accomplished producer, too, with a string of irresistible tracks ‘Exodus’ and ‘A Jealous Heart Never Rests’ among them. Meanwhile, The Black Madonna recently released her remix of Silk City Ft. Dua Lipa’s huge chart smash ‘Electricity’. It’s her first official remix since 2016 (when she reworked Robyn’s ‘Indestructible’ and Tiga’s ‘Blondes Have More Fun’).

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Upcoming Tours

05 . 09 . 19

Club Vibe

Curitiba Brazil

05 . 10 . 19


Sao Paulo

05 . 11 . 19

Parque Titanium


05 . 15 . 19

Shrine Expo Hall

Los Angeles

05 . 16 . 19

Greek Theater

Los Angeles

05 . 17 . 19

Bill Graham Civic Auditorium

San Francisco

06 . 21 . 19

Smart Bar


06 . 22 . 19

Hot Mass