Liaison Artists

Dutch-born Martijn Deijkers, aka Martyn, has always stood in a scene of his own. As an explorerof several sonic palettes since the mid-90s, Martyn’s aesthetic traces back to his roots inUK-originated hybrids of bass music with an added flavour of Detroit-influenced jazz. But thesedays, Martyn is more than just a DJ and producer. His work spans multiple projects, frommentoring emerging artists to platforming new producers through his 3024 label.

In 2007, he co-founded 3024 alongside Erosie. The duo have released a celebrated body ofwork from Jacques Greene, Leon Vynehall and Martyn himself, including Martyn’s collaborationswith Spaceape and OM Unit. Remixes supplied by Ben Klock and Flying Lotus have also left astamp on the label’s collection. Recently, 3024 has signed fresh talents, including Otik and TSVI/ Anunaku.

Most 3024 signees stem from Martyn’s Artist Mentoring Program on Patreon. Launched in 2020,he uses the Program to mentor producers at all stages by offering one-to-one lessons, groupsessions and Q&As with renowned figures like Luke Slater, Skee Mask and dBridge. Martynconnects the Program with 3024 by releasing a selection of his student’s work on V/Acompilations.

The pandemic allowed Martyn to rethink archaic structures in dance music and help producerslooking to break into the industry. Whilst on tour in 2022, Martyn meets his students to nurturegenuine student-teacher connections. An essential element in Martyn’s work, he firmly believesthis is a modern, healthy way to support the next generation of artists in electronic music.

Like his productions on Ostgut Ton, Brainfeeder and Intercept, Martyn’s style of DJing isuncategorizable. He’s performed worldwide and helms a residency at Panorama Bar in Berlin,and on the radio, his monthly ‘Darkest Light’ show on NTS offers a glimpse into his far-reachingworld.

As Martyn’s story unfolds, he keeps community in mind. This is Martyn’s post-pandemic way oftreating his craft, whether it’s co-running 3024, teaching on the Mentoring Program or producingmusic. Martyn views his work through a conscious lens while blending all disciplines—anapproach set to prevail for the entirety of his career.

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