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It has been a bountiful 2018 for Los Angeles’ young house and techno stalwart Lubelski. From his breakthrough Revolution EP on Audiojack’s Gruuv Recordings, to the Beatport Top 15 favorite Favela Funk EP and the Anabel Englund featured Call U Rite Back EP with RYBO on Desert Hearts Recs, and the launch of the pair’s Percomaniacs Records, Lubelski has dominated summer with a newfound wind in his sails and a sound all his own.

Part electrical engineer, part multi-instrumentalist psychonaut, Jake Lubell has synthesized a knack for wild, eclectic beats into a flagship for the next-generation of analog obsessed producers. Through a decade of dedication to self-taught musical exploration and a keen understanding of late nights on the dancefloor, this talent on the verge has emerged as one of North America’s most promising forces.

A global perspective on crate-digging has yielded a unique sample-ladden and rhythmic approach for Lubelski in the studio and booth alike, delivering a wild obsession for the groove often unattainable for young artists. The result has been deep nods from renowned global curators like Doc Martin, Jamie Jones, Claude VonStroke, De La Swing, Dennis Ferrer and David Scuba – a support listing far beyond his years.

Undefined by trends and reinforced by a sense of history often lost on the new generation of talent, Lubelski stands apart as a producer and DJ who straddles the the line between sensual and idiosyncratic. Such has earned him key billings at parties with leading promoters like Desert Hearts Festival, FNGRS CRSSD, Decibel Festival, and Listed while also dominating prime showings at San Francisco’s Halcyon, New York’s Schimanski, Los Angeles’ Sound Nightclub, and many more scene leading venues.

Whether he is portaling a dancefloor into realms of psychedelia or channeling his deep knowledge of world music, disco, or rave, Lubelski continues to offer a driving set of wide-reaching influences in each performance with an unadulterated persistence to make you dance.

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