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When you talk about Kobosil today, you have to talk about one goal: to become an artist, to be. Max Kobosil, born in 1991, experienced Berlin as a postman in times of structural change, discovered techno on the way out of subculture into the modern age and decided early on to make his contribution to both the city and the genre and to shape both.

The initiation marked his first visit to Berghain. “At the age of 17 I started playing house and techno, back then I had heard this and that about the club. I am at 18 for the first time, after three hours in the queue we finally came in. Then I quickly realized, ‘That’s what – this club and the people in it make the difference, here I want to be an artist, not just a regular guest.’ Finally, I got to know nd_baumecker and other employees, despite the age difference, we were on the same wavelength. ”

The common understanding soon led to his first releases: In 2013 Kobosil’s remix of Barker & Baumecker’s “Silo” was released on Ostgut Ton, followed by the 12 “debut on his own label RK and the EP —– on undertone Thus, Kobosil was not only in Berlin, but also far outside the city and state borders for subtle-hypnotic synth sounds, noise, ambient and especially the darker, more powerful style of techno set.Also , he turned out already for his club night debut in August 2013 as a versatile DJ, who cleverly combined new records with genre classics, acid, alternative and industrial tracks and was able to give his sets both pressure and dramaturgy.

Kobosil has always focused on balancing lay-up and production. “DJing takes place in the here and now – with an evening you can determine your own future, but ultimately ends a set with the night. Production, on the other hand, stands for one’s own legacy. The past has proven time and again that music did not necessarily have to be commercially successful when it first appeared, but that in the mirror of the times it has become a cult record. I see it as an artistic challenge to create something that will survive time. ”

The Neuköllner has this claim over the last two years on the one hand Club and Ambientsets, as part of Marcel Dettmann Records and with its own RK label, his live set and most recently a highly acclaimed remix for Terence Fixmer’s “Action Mekanik Theme” on Ostgut Ton was only further underlined – and at the same time surpassed his own visions.

With his EP 91 (Ostgut Ton, 2015) he proved once again his sense for functional techno with depth and drive, as well as on his latest release: the EP 105 (Ostgut Ton, July 2017); his album debut We Grow, You Decline , which debuted at the beginning of 2016, added a whole new mood and sound to Kobosil’s artistic palette, adding lightness and melodiousness without renouncing his usual darkness. “My album should be perceived as music by a later generation – not as techno music.” Whether Kobosil has already reached its self-imposed goal remains to be seen. But the artistic handwriting and attitude is already unmistakable today.

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