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They released their first project on Flyance at the end of 2016, ‘Dysphoria I Euphoria’, a double EPwhich set the tone for their music. Since then, each track released is a journey bringing together darkand melancholic emotions without ever losing touch with the clubbing aspect of techno. A varied andalways praised discography followed, with diverse releases on different renowned labels (Afterlife,Concrete Music, A.R.T.S, Materia…).In 2019 they launched their new projectRoad To Nowherespurred on as ever by their will to breakcodes and to think outside the box. The album synthesized the duo’s broad creative range: industrialtechno, drum and bass, trap, symphonic tracks… It was a key moment in their career. Thanks to aunique and innovative format, as they released one track a month during a whole year outside of theusual channels of the techno scene, KAS:ST were able to unveil their full potential. The LP wasextremely well received on streaming platforms: +20M plays across all, including the iconicHell OnEarth music videoTheyreleased a new EPon the Italian and Tale Of Us-owned label Afterlife in mid-December 2019.Hold Me To The Light, one of the flagship tracks of the EP, once again emphasized the duo’s will torenew techno codes by working this time with the London based singer Be No Rain.

Tale Of Us themselves remixed the track on the same EP and it became one of the anthems of theAfterlife label during the 2019 second semester.KAS:ST never ceased to push their music’s boundaries during that very prolific year, their tracksgetting remixes, for instance, by renowned artists at the polar opposite of the techno sphere like999999999andTale Of Us, as long as an unexpectedcollaboration with Kerri Chandleror a powerfulremix ofMoby’s new albumTheir 2nd albumA Magic Worldthat landed in December 2020 on Afterlife showed the duo exploring awider range of sounds, more pop oriented but yet still extremely personal to the act’s signaturesounds. The intense music video ofVTOPIAwas written and directed by Carol and Manuel, provingKAS:ST to be in a constant research of making their art as personal and unique as possible.

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