Liaison Artists

« I see, smell, hear, taste and feel and letthe impressions marinate in curiosity and contemplation until they burst out through my finger tips. Sometimes I’m surprised, sometimes I’m confused. Most of the times I’m smiling. »

For about a decade I have been exploringways in which I can have a new experience ofmyself in the world. Upon seeing myselfdifferently, I am reminded that I can movearound in this world with lightness. Myconcept of Self needn’t be so fixed and asstimuli come at me, I can receive and carry itwithout attaching to it. I can let it move mebefore I respond and let it move through meand out.

Over the years a mission to be in service of others has established itself. As I go further into my own practices, the mediums through which I express myself solidify and multiply. I create electronic music, DJ, play harmonica, facilitate breathwork, sound journey and movement experiences. I also strive to embody and radiate what I learn in every wake moment. I see every interaction and every situation as an opportunity to understand myself better, and the better I understand myself the better I can relate to others. Playful, explorative, cathartic, ecstatic, integrative, sustainable. I create opportunities for you to just be – to be fundamentally human. Let’s get animated and motivated to create and build and embrace all of life –darkness included – with lightness.

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