Liaison Artists

Ariel Vromen is a respected and accomplished film director, producer, and screenwriter born in Tel Aviv and dividing his time between Los Angeles, London, and Israel.  He’s had a varied career after serving in the military (IAF Rescue Unit 669), studying law in the United Kingdom, completing film school in New York and Los Angeles.  Back in the mid-90s Ariel also opened a recording studio in London and has produced Psychedelic Trance albums.

Ariel has been immersed in music creation: Tribal, Techno mix: infused with power beats, emotional rendering, deep drops, and of course, happy and good vibe melodies.

Between filming and directing numerous blockbusters (The Angel (2018), Criminal (2016), The Iceman (2012), and Danika (2006)), Ariel has played at the biggest music destinations including Mykonos, Ibiza, Tulum.  Ariel has shared the stage with artists like Tale Of Us, Magdalena, Solomun, and more – with a career highlight 19 hour b2b with Solomun in Tulum.

Alongside his hectic career in film and music, Ariel is also a loving husband and father – giving credit to quality family time, rest, exercise, and nutrition in order to stay healthy and grounded.

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