Liaison Artists

Delicacy is not necessarily an adjective you’d attach to Robag Wruhme if you saw him behind the decks. Either solo or in tandem with Sören Bodner as the now defunct Wighnomy Brothers, Wruhme has gained a reputation for his boisterous, hard-drinking DJ sets. But scratch the surface of his recorded music, and in particular his recently released Thora Vukk LP for Pampa, and a whole microcosm of elegance and grace is there to enjoy. Wruhme was the production brains behind the Wighnomy Brothers, who from their hometown base of Jena in the east of Germany put out a string of leftfield house and techno releases through Freude Am Tanzen until their split at the end of 2009. During that time they also proffered a seminal mix CD in the form of Metawuffmischfelge, a feat Schablitzki followed up on earlier this year with his excellent Wuppdeckmischmampflow for Kompakt. Much like his latest full-length, Wruhme has only minor dance floor considerations on his mind for this mix—hip-hop, pop, chillwave, spoken-word and (of course) bags of oddities are much more the order of the day.

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