Liaison Artists

Very little is known about mysterious Amsterdam producer nthng, but those who have been enraptured by his hazy, emotive and driving productions have only touched the edge of a vast shrouded techno landscape. Inspired by the early days of techno and trance, before it became a dirty word, nthng’s sound blends a heady mix of murky, undulating, tectonic drum work alongside drifting, melodic synth lines that melt into the 6am sun. His initial EPs for Lobster Theremin sub-label Mörk showcase a darker, almost ethereal style, while his newest outing on Pacific Command could almost be a Shed recording for Warp; all thronging melodic croaks and throbbing, floor-crumbling bass. Rumours of a 3LP album set for release in late Summer 2016 on Lobster Theremin will be preceded by a limited hand-stamped album sampler in May.

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