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In America, specifically NYC, Bill Patrick is a man of many accolades… Since his days as a DJ inlegendary clubs such as The Limelight, Vinyl & Arc, he has charmed our hearts and moved ourbodies. Not to mention being co- founder of the famed Robots parties and amusing us weeklyas Robot Radio’s alluring and witty host. Within the world of electronic music everyone has a taleabout our friend Bill Patrick. Some funny, some sad, some tragic, most shady, but at the end ofeach story or any encounter with this demi god you’re left wanting more.In 2008, this mythical creature, who by chance was reborn a man, relocated to Berlin. Why? Fewknow. Some say it was in search of gold, some suggest it was out of self-loathing, those in hisinner circle say it was to be closer to them. He says it was to challenge the European state ofmind and how sexually active they, as a people, can become. In any event all legend and lorewere left behind. So where has that left this man, this nu-romantic? I’ll tell you, striving to be more.It doesn’t matter that the only place he now plays are mega festivals like Sunwaves in Romania,Outline Festival in Moscow or highly respected clubs like Arma 17, Robert Johnson and Concretein Paris. Currently touring the globe and vocally enlightening the Universe, Bill still finds time toupdate his Facebook fan page and send out extremely well written tweets. But he wants to stepout of his box and come to you, to educate the minds of the world with his deep, psychedelictake on contemporary dance music. With the help of his unwavering comrades; tINI, Seth Troxler,Guy Gerber, Ryan Crosson and Shaun Reeves, he is destined to thrive!

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