Liaison Artists

Peel back the leaves and discover András, a Melbourne producer making tactile and imperfect electronic music. Inspired by primitive percussion, simple melodies and home recording, Andras combines elements of house music and new age ambience in a distinctly antipodean way.

Based around drum machine rhythms and new age synths, his original tape recordings are simultaneously contemporary in sound and difficult to carbon date, slipping comfortably between Library Music, 90s House and instrumental synth funk.

After sold-out solo releases, András teamed up with vocalist Oscar Key Sung for a collaborative LP that went back to the roots of disco and house. Receiving support and plays from the likes of Dam Funk and Move D, it was an earnest catalogue of cassette demos recorded in the industrial district of West Melbourne. The pair continued to delve deep into late night coffee culture with their follow up LP Cafe Romantica, which presented a more carefully debauched look into Pizza and Romance.

His follow up solo 12” Erskine Falls (HLR records)  as well as a recent EP Vibrate on Silent (Mexican Summer) have explored

Presenting the weekly radio show Strange Holiday on 3RRR FM in Melbourne has given him a chance to greatly expand his record collection, which currently occupies the broad territory between Disco, World, Library and Balearic sounds. This depth of knowledge about music‘s past informs his productions, which all give a nod and a wink to the past.

András has supported artists including James Pants, Andres & DJ Sprinkles, as well as recently returning from an extended EU tour. In a digital, cool world full of hectic pace, Andras Fox brings warmth, relaxation and gentle grooves to your ears.

His latest work Overworld, recorded for dance theatre, is released under the alias that reclaims his birth name Andrew Richard Wilson (T stands for trouble). A.r.t. Wilson is a slight detour from dance music land into the world of new-age and ambient music. It‘s a trip to the forest or the ocean after a big night out, it‘s an open window in the recording studio.

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